Wooden Mole Engraving

For Pai Sho, Pai Sho accessories, and other game accessories.

Wooden Mole Engraving, and credits

Lovingly operated from an underground workshop, The Wooden Mole toils at his laser printer to create as many products as he can stash away in his mole hill.

We here at Wooden Mole Engraving steal said products and ship them to you, so that you might enjoy the Wooden Mole's product and stop him from ever finishing his task of filling his hill. If you have any questions, requests, or customizations to ask about please email me at TheWoodenMole@gmail.com, or join The Garden Gate discord server and contact Aba C. Daren there.

All Garden gate designs are provided by The Garden Gate - SkudPaiSho.com, a wonderful resource to play Pai Sho online. Join The Garden gate discord to connect with the Pai Sho Community.

Vescucci designs provided by Vescucci of the garden gate community.

Flower Garden board design based off original Flower Garden board by Liam_Keaggy13 of the Garden Gate community.